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Xbox 360 Emulator for PC download

Whats up guys , here in this video i will show you how to run GTA 5 with Xbox 360 emulator. In the video i have everything set up , but you can play with resolution , controls and other stuff , i just wanted to show that it can run Grand Theft Auto V , since this game is not available for PC.
Xbox 360 emulator comes with many options and some games can even run online via sumulated LAN. I am playing GTA V on 1280x720 since i want to run high FPS with my graphic card , so if you have better graphic card you can increase it.
The game runs very smooth for me , around 40 fps.

quick start guide for Xbox 360 PC Emulator:
1.Download and extract it
2. Run it and load the image for your game
3. Optional: change resolution, controls
4. Play the game.

If you are having low fps issues , update your graphic drivers. Developers announced few updates for the emulator to optimize for GTA 5.


Last application update:


it work ^^

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