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Destiny (Xbox360) is the first installment of a comprehensive study of the universe Bungie Software, previously known mostly for Halo - an extremely popular series of first-person shooters on consoles with the Xbox family . Like the games of the Master Chief as the main character in Destiny also grab the futuristic rifle and head into battle with enemy civilizations . But here , for a change , all the time we can fight shoulder to shoulder with other players.
The story takes us into the future to XXVIII century, when the unexpected end of the Golden Age , humanity stood on the brink of extinction . According to legend, the only recourse against the unknown enemy , devastating our species , turned out to be mysterious , massive alien ship , called the Traveler (Traveler) , which, like a second moon was suspended just above the surface of the planet. Survivors people joined forces and built the silent guardian of the Last City on Earth, which was to be the base for reviving civilization. Now, however, the danger came back , and hostile creatures trying to completely exterminate humanity .


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