GTA: San Andreas + SD Data Android Download

When GTA V , we still have one visit to San Andreas . This time, the cells and tablets .
Early 90s , the climate of hip -hop California and a huge city full of attractions , incredible form ( OG Loc ! ) And imaginative mission. This was GTA : San Andreas nine years ago, when conquered the market . Now back in a version for mobile systems - Android , iOS , Windows Phone'a and Kindle . It is not known yet whether all their versions , but iOS7 certainly use the controller Made .

Refreshed graphics, added more detailed shadows , increased range of vision , overclocked palette of colors , packed in this portable character models and cars. Rockstar says it's the best looking version of GTA : San Andreas and there is no reason to not believe them . GTA III and GTA : Vice City looked perfectly cells , although both suffered from the condition, which meets most of the mobile games - problems with precise control .

That does not change the fact that one of the best games in history we already carry in your pocket !

GTA San Andreas.apk + SD Data Download


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it work ^^

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Nice ;3

Thanks for good software

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