South Park: The Stick of Truth (Xbox360) Download

South Park The Stick of Truth (Xbox360)
Adventure begin by creating a character. There are five different classes, including adventurer, paladin, rogue, sorcerer. Fun is exploring the town, conducting interviews and completing tasks. The combat system is based on turn-based mechanics and reminds solutions of the early hits Final Fantasy series. The skirmishes player character and one additional player will face 2-5 enemies, and these clashes watching from the side.
In the game there is a whole bunch of weapons that can be improved by using electricity, fire or poisons. There are also powerful magical items such as console Okama Gamesphere. To heal the figure, we use carbonated beverages and the famous coffee you drink Tweak is used to accelerate the form. With the progress in the campaign, our hero collects experience points, which can then spend on developing his skills.


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