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Titanfall (PC) Download this network FPS set in an original sci-fi universe . Title is responsible for the production of American Respawn Entertainment, which was founded in 2010. Its founders previously worked in the studio Infinity Ward on Call of Duty series .
The creators of the work on the game universe drew inspiration from films such as District 9 and Blade Runner . Despite the fact that the title has only game in multiplayer mode - in the form of campaign or individual games - it presents a coherent picture of the world and tell a particular story. In Titanfall humanity is divided into two warring factions . The first is a consortium of powerful corporations who wish to lay hands on the resources of planets that lie far off the beaten track interest from the authorities of the Earth. The second is the rebellious inhabitants used by the company's worlds.
The network matches involved up to 16 people . During the game on the maps appear eight meters mechs controlled by AI called Titans , the machines are very agile and fast , they can even bounce fired shots in their direction . During one battle , their number is limited , and players embodying the infantry have the means to eliminate them . To destroy the Titan's playing must jump on his back and shoot in the electronic " brain " . If you want can also take direct control over Mechem , or try to give him orders , such as " escort " or " destroy target".
Engine Titanfall is a heavily modified version of the Source Engine. No matter what happens on the screen , it provides stable performance and results to which we have become accustomed contemporary productions of the species .


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